by Bob Unruh

It was a year ago when a long list of scientists wrote to the Obama administration urging the federal government to use RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, against global-warming skeptics…

Now the tables are turned.

A mathematician and software engineer has filed a lawsuit in Texas naming dozens of environmental groups and others seeking to influence public action and expenditures regarding global warming programs in an action alleging violations of RICO…

Heartland Institute expert H. Sterling Burnett reported David Schnare, of the Energy & Environment Legal Institute, said the claim is not realistic, because the First Amendment protects free speech, including the speech of those “who believe the end of the world is near.”

“We all wish intellectual elites can discourse in freedom on issues of importance to us all in a manner that allows open, robust argument.

[Even when] such discourse is marred by logical fallacies and hyperbole, I will not engage in any effort to shut down the public forum,” he said.

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