by Christopher Matthews
Wall Street Journal

On first blush, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s probe into Exxon MobilCorp.’s accounting practices raises some questions. For instance, why is the top cop in New York investigating the Texas-based company’s financial disclosures, a job more commonly handled by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission?

But Mr. Schneiderman has been knee deep in Exxon’s internal forecasting for more than a year, using a powerful New York state fraud law to investigate the company’s knowledge of the impact of climate change and how it could affect its future business…

The Energy & Environment Legal Institute, a conservative nonprofit, released emails last week from other AGs offices that were involved in a March press conference set up by Mr. Schneiderman to announce a coalition to combat climate change. The group, which obtained the emails through Freedom of Information requests, say they show skepticism by the other AG offices about the New York probe.

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