by Anthony Watts
Watts Up With That

Washington D.C. -The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) has obtained a copy of the purported “Common Interest Agreement” led by New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and signed back in late April/early May by 17 state and territorial attorneys general. The agreement, however, runs counter to what a traditional Common Interest Agreement may cover. It was clearly drafted to obstruct open-records requests, while these AGs carried out a political campaign against their critics. Worse, the AGs have been working hard to keep the agreement itself a secret.

“It’s baffling that these AGs feel they can trample on their own states’ public records laws,” said David W. Schnare, E&E Legal General Counsel. “If they truly believe that they are engaged in anything other than a purely political campaign, they should have no problem explaining to the public what they are doing and subjecting their activities to the scrutiny their legislatures demanded.”

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