1 12, 2023

Walcher: Protecting valuable resources, again and again

2023-12-06T17:32:17-05:00December 1st, 2023|ESA, Media Coverage, Walcher|

by Greg Walcher, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow As appearing in the Daily Sentinel When Americans hear about a crisis, their instinct is to spring into action, to do something right away. Do whatever it takes, as Mayor Shinn in “The Music Man” says, “to prevent this dire happening from... uhm... happening.” What they don’t [...]

27 11, 2023

Milloy talks climate hypocrisy, communism and idiocy with Laura Ingraham

2023-11-28T14:54:03-05:00November 27th, 2023|"Climate Change", Bad Science, Billionaire Scammers, Communism, E.V., Fake News, Gore, Media Coverage, Milloy| On November 27, 2023, Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Founder, appeared on the Ingraham Angle to discuss the hypocrisy of the climate movement led by elites like John Kerry and Al Gore. As these clowns along with countless others fly around the world in their private jets eating the best [...]

24 11, 2023

Walcher: We should recylce newspaper columns

2023-11-28T12:26:30-05:00November 24th, 2023|Media Coverage, Walcher|

by Greg Walcher, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow As appearing in the Daily Sentinel Co-workers were standing around the water cooler when the boss came in and asked everyone, “What are you all doing to celebrate Earth Day this year?” One employee answered, “Already done — I sent all my work-related e-mails to the recycle [...]

22 11, 2023

The New American: New Jersey Set to Ban Gas-powered Cars by 2035

2023-11-28T14:33:44-05:00November 22nd, 2023|"Climate Change", Bad Science, Communism, E.V., Media Coverage, Milloy|

by James Murphy The New American On Tuesday, the state of New Jersey announced a plan to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered automobiles by 2035. Governor Phil Murphy, a Democrat, made the announcement along with the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Shawn LaTourette. Murphy claims that the new state rule will help [...]

21 11, 2023

Grimes: Gavinomics: CA’s Electricity Prices More than 2X National Average – Going Up 13% Again

2023-11-22T15:04:13-05:00November 21st, 2023|California, Electrification, Grimes, Media Coverage, Skyrocketing Gas Prices|

by Katy Grimes, E&E Legal Senior Media Fellow and California Globe Editor As Appearing in the California Globe Tone deaf Governor, legislators silent on massive PG&E rate hike The California Utilities Commission just granted Pacific Gas and Electric a 13% rate hike – ostensibly to pay for under grounding power lines. Because Gov. Gavin Newsom [...]

17 11, 2023

Fox News: Experts raise alarm after Biden strikes agreement with China to shut down fossil fuels

2023-11-28T14:40:20-05:00November 17th, 2023|"Climate Change", Bad Science, China Joe, Communist China, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Thomas Catenacci Fox News U.S. energy experts are warning of the economic and national security implications of President Biden's pact with China this week to move towards shutting down fossil fuel production in favor of green energy. The State Department announced this week it had struck a deal with its Chinese counterparts pledging to [...]

17 11, 2023

Walcher: Your front yard is non-functional

2023-11-22T11:01:10-05:00November 17th, 2023|"Climate Change", Bad Science, Communism, Green Groups, Media Coverage, Shakedown, Walcher|

by Greg Walcher, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow As appearing in the Daily Sentinel A popular website called LifeHack lists 25 things it calls “unnecessary wastes of money.” Wasteful items include dryer sheets, coffee k-cups, sliced cheese, cable TV and buying a snack “every now and then.” One could endlessly debate the wisdom of slicing [...]

16 11, 2023

Daily Caller: Washington Post Runs Piece Criticizing Nobel Prize Winner Who Strays From Climate Orthodoxy

2023-11-22T15:28:57-05:00November 16th, 2023|Bad Science, Media Coverage, Milloy, Scandal|

by Nick Pope The Daily Caller News Foundation The Washington Post published a piece on Thursday critical of a Nobel laureate scientist, quoting the criticisms of a scientist who has erroneously suggested that he is a Nobel Prize winner. In its story, the Post quotes Michael Mann, a climate scientist who currently serves as the [...]

16 11, 2023

OANN: Xi & Biden Pledge Action On ‘Climate Change’

2023-11-22T15:23:05-05:00November 16th, 2023|China, China Joe, Communism, E.V., Media Coverage, Milloy|

One America News Network (OANN) On November 16, 2023, Steve Milloy, E&E Legal's Senior Policy Fellow, and Founder appeared with Dan Ball's Real America on OANN to discuss how China owns every major technology needed for the climate agenda.  China Joe's Communist buddy Xi loves America's dependence on China for the ridiculous and economy-killing [...]

15 11, 2023

The New American: Biden Admin Releases National Climate Assessment

2023-11-22T15:32:40-05:00November 15th, 2023|"Climate Change", Bad Science, China Joe, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by James Murphy The New American On Tuesday, the Biden administration released the fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA), a congressionally mandated report that comes out roughly every five years. The NCA is purported to give Americans “an inclusive, diverse, and sustained process for assessing and communicating scientific knowledge on the impacts, risks, and vulnerabilities associated [...]

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