26 09, 2022

Milloy WSJ: David Malpass’s Climate-Change Lesson for GOP Candidates

2022-09-28T11:22:46-04:00September 26th, 2022|"Climate Change", "Scare Pollution", Fake News, Inquisition, Media Coverage, Milloy, Persecution|

by Steve Milloy, Senior Policy Fellow and Founder As Appearing in the Wall Street Journal The World Bank president demonstrates how not to deflect gotcha questions. World Bank President David Malpass committed a horrible environmental crime last Tuesday. When asked about his views on climate change, he said, “I’m not a scientist.” The saga [...]

23 09, 2022

Walcher: This subsidy won’t cost much

2022-09-26T15:52:51-04:00September 23rd, 2022|E.V., Electrification, Media Coverage, U.S. Congress, Walcher|

by Greg Walcher, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow As appearing in the Daily Sentinel When California passed legislation banning the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035, and 14 states prepared to follow suit, many observers questioned the practicality of the lofty goal. There are not enough electric cars made in the world to replace California’s [...]

23 09, 2022

TownHall: Here’s the Latest Climate Change Projection That Was Totally Wrong

2022-09-27T11:39:00-04:00September 23rd, 2022|"Climate Change", "Scare Pollution", Fake News, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Matt Vespa As if this is shocking news, the global warming Armageddon peddlers were wrong again. How many times have we heard that we’re all going to die if we don’t sacrifice economic growth to reduce global temperatures by an indiscernible amount? Democrats had a full-blown meltdown over the haggling about the latest [...]

20 09, 2022

E&E Legal Letters Issue XXXVI: Summer 2022

2022-09-20T11:54:30-04:00September 20th, 2022|E&E Legal Letters, Grimes, Milloy, Walcher|

Click here to download a complete pdf version of E&E Legal Letters Issue XXXVI Summer 2022. Click headlines for the full article. SCOTUS Has Crippled Biden’s EPA, But There’s Only One Way To Stop Them For Good by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow, as appearing in The Daily Caller The Supreme Court has [...]

20 09, 2022

mrcNewsBusters: Rockefeller Foundation Bankrolls NPR ‘Climate Hysteria’ Agenda of ‘Total Control’

2022-09-27T11:47:18-04:00September 20th, 2022|"Climate Change", "Scare Pollution", China Joe,, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Jeffery Clark mrcNewsBusters The leftist activists at The Rockefeller Foundation will bankroll NPR’s reporting on climate change, according to a recent press release. The Rockefeller Foundation is notoriously pro-abortion, pro-population control and anti-Israel. NPR and The Rockefeller Foundation NPR announced that it will launch a “new climate desk” to advance green propaganda in the [...]

20 09, 2022

mrcNewsBusters: Critics Rip PolitiFact for Insisting Biden Anti-Oil Policies Didn’t Cause Gas Price Spike

2022-09-27T11:46:50-04:00September 20th, 2022|"Climate Change", "Scare Pollution", China Joe,, Media Coverage, Milloy|

Joseph Vazquez mrcNewsBusters PolitiFact had the audacity to argue like President Joe Biden’s eco-extremist policies didn't really have anything to do with America’s energy inflation crisis, continuing to prove why its worthless so-called “fact-checks” belong in the trash bin. The Facebook fact-checker seethed at Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) for daring to tweet in August: “Democrats' [...]

19 09, 2022

Grimes: Will Gov. Newsom’s ‘Sweeping’ Climate Change Legislation Save the Planet?

2022-09-26T16:03:18-04:00September 19th, 2022|"Climate Change", California, Communism, Grimes, Media Coverage|

by Katy Grimes, E&E Legal Senior Media Fellow and California Globe Editor As Appearing in the California Globe Pretty much everything we use in modern society needs to be upended, overhauled, and restricted California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a “sweeping set of laws” Friday that aim to dramatically cut the state’s use of oil and [...]

16 09, 2022

Walcher: Green energy faces the same permitting hurdles

2022-09-19T13:22:01-04:00September 16th, 2022|"Climate Change", Media Coverage, U.S. Congress, Walcher|

by Greg Walcher, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow As appearing in the Daily Sentinel The “agreement” supposedly reached between Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and his party leaders to pass a major permitting reform bill has fallen apart, as discussed last week. But it also highlighted one of the most consequential debates in modern politics. Several [...]

16 09, 2022

Daily Caller: ‘Sending A Message’: EPA And DOI Raid Oil Company’s Offices After It Spilled Fewer Than 3 Barrels Of Oil: REPORT

2022-09-27T11:52:28-04:00September 16th, 2022|"Climate Change", "Scare Pollution", Communism, EPA, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Jack McAvoy The Daily Caller Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Interior Department (DOI) agents searched the Louisiana office of QuarterNorth Energy, an oil company, for documents relating to an oil leak that spilled two and a half barrels of oil, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. EPA and DOI agents searched the company’s office in Lafayette for [...]

9 09, 2022

Walcher: How Democrats double-crossed Joe Manchin on permitting reform

2022-09-12T12:18:41-04:00September 9th, 2022|"Climate Change", Media Coverage, U.S. Congress, Walcher|

by Greg Walcher, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow As appearing in the Daily Sentinel The author of one of America’s most famous autobiographies, The Education of Henry Adams, wrote that “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin must be wondering where his influence stops. With [...]

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